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Detroit Music Awards: Ali McManus nominated for 5 DMA Awards:
Outstanding Americana Artist; Outstanding Americana Songwriter
Outstanding Americana Vocalist; Outstanding Americana Recording “Unbreakable;” Outstanding Video-Limited Budget “Roll This Way”

“I can’t put into words what the experience was like for all of us watching Ali flower in the studio. Her pure, authentic voice and magnetic personality light up the room. She’s a natural — a true artist with old soul sensibility and a powerful message to share with the world. For me and for the musicians, it was one of the greatest experiences. You can hear the results in these first releases. I look forward to more!”
Jack Douglas, Producer


“Ali McManus is probably better known for her inspirational speaking than for her musical talents, but that may all change with the release of her debut record Unbreakable….Working with legendary producer Jack Douglas, McManus has put forward a collection of songs that deliver a message of hope and optimism against melodies that build in size and scale like an old Jim Steinman Meatloaf track. … Her voice flutters in a style reminiscent at times of Dolly Parton. But it’s almost impossible to ignore comparisons to Stevie Nicks…. her voice and styling go right to where Stevie lives and breathes… ‘Wings’ and ‘Heart Shattered’ seem to be framed in a manner that you’d find on any early ‘80s Stevie Nicks record like ‘Bella Donna’ or ‘The Wild Heart… Whatever path that this record takes, its most important role will be in further expanding awareness of Ali McManus and her journey. Much like her hometown of Detroit, Ali openly possesses a “never quit” attitude that ensures that whatever she does will represent her best and it will surely never be her last.”
Goldmine, Reviews 4 Stars, Ray Chelstowski  

“Ali McManus is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most talented songwriters and most beautiful-voiced of singers that I’ve personally heard in the past decade.”
Exclusive Magazine, by Anne Carlini

Ali McManus delivers a strong debut album…If this album is any indication, the sky’s the limit for her career.”
Blinded by Sound, by General Jabbo. – Read Interview

Her debut album, Unbreakable, is an uplifting collection of songs about strength, perseverance and the human spiritAli’s exceptional musical talent has served as a healing source not only for herself but others.”
ll Access Music

“Unbreakable is the very powerful and touching debut from Ali McManus…The quality of the performances and production goes hand in hand with the songwriting and is, simply, a stellar blend…’Wings’ is the real stunner for me; Southern soul-styled, with Hammond B3, a groove and rich.”
PopDose, by Rob Ross

“Plucky, positive and passionate about her craft, the indomitable Ali is ready to share her gifts with a global audience.” by Peter Roche

“Singer, songwriter and children’s advocate Ali McManus has spent her lifetime defying stereotypes and statistics. Born with a rare bone disorder, the 21-year-old, who has required a wheelchair for mobility since age seven, has endured 11 surgeries and has 30 percent lung capacity, but she always finds something to sing about.”
Parade Magazine, Nancy Berk, Phd

“Her voice recalls a young Dolly Parton…. The young lady has a flair for melody and this record serves as a great introduction to what hopefully will be a long career.”
Antimusic by Morley Seaver

“The most salient element of these songs is that they’re all fully-formed; fully-realized and incredibly mature from someone who is just (really) beginning… For if Ali McManus can continue on this road, she has many fine records to make ahead of her.”
PopDose, by Rob Ross.

“You know through each word sung, each lyric poured out, that Ali’s heartfelt life story is coming forth.”
Exclusive Magazine, by Anne Carlini

Unbreakable would be an impressive debut for any musician. The fact that McManus overcame so much adversity to make it just makes it that much more impressive…. From the gorgeous ballad title track to the country-tinged “Rhythm That Rhymes,” McManus shows a confidence and musical skill that belays her years. She has a sweet, slightly raspy singing voice (think Stevie Nicks or Maria McKee) and a natural ear for a melody.”
Pop Entertainment by Jay S. Jacobs

““Unbreakable is a strong start to McManus’ career…It is a work that is certain to resonate with any adult contemporary audience, from radio programmers to listeners.”
Phil’s Picks

“Perhaps the best of the songs is the mid-tempo folk-rock strummer ‘Wings,’ which definitely is worthy of airplay on some good AAA or even alt-country channel. Following is the drop-dead-gorgeous piano ballad ‘Heart Shattered.”
Pop Entertainment

The Detroit native’s songs are straightforward and affecting. The title track on her Unbreakable EP is infectious, but the sense of melancholy gives the lyrics added depth: ‘I am who I am / And I love where I stand / Yeah, I can’t stand for long / But I’m goin’ strong / I’m Unbreakable.’ Unbreakable also features the uptempo ‘Wings,’ contemplative ‘Heart Shattered,’ winning ‘Breaking Free’ and lovely ‘Home.’”
Rock ‘n’ Roll Truth by Robert Kinsler


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